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3 Steps To Get More Clients To Buy, Buy More, and Buy More Often

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Angle: What if you could get more clients by simply having your audience tell you what they need to hear or see to become your clients and buy? It was 8.42 AM. I pulled my hand away from the hot water as I was washing off pastured eggs and bacon breakfast leftovers from my plate. TV noise in the background suddenly caught my attention. “He skipped the democracy part of shaking hands with people [...]

Best Lead Magnet Ideas For Getting New Leads

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Angle: How do you know if you picked the right lead magnet? Anna has been running her CPA practice for 17 yrs but when she sat down to put a lead magnet together, she got stumped. Choosing the format went easy: printable, not-printable pdf or a video checklist or a guide However, choosing the correct topic seemed to be looking more like stuffing my size 7 foot into a lovely but real size 6 suede [...]

Discover 3 Shocking Reasons Your Business Is Stuck

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Angle: If I had a penny for every time I said "That is not what I had in mind. Had you just asked me first..." - I think I'd be a millionaire! But since most prospects don't ask before they flee your offer, could avoiding these types of marketing blunders be the answer to more green bags? To what degree could this sort of assumption also be a culprit for 3 shocking reasons your business is stuck, [...]

5 Ways Your Website is Sabotaging Your Lead Generation

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Angle: If website is your online real estate for getting leads, how important is the location of its elements? And if it is all about the location, could the wrong placement actually be sabotaging your success? There very well could be... the real sabotage at play. Here are 5 ways your website could be sabotaging your lead generation 1) You have no website listed on your social media profiles It' [...]

3 Ways To Increase Your LinkedIn Lead Conversions

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Yes, you're a woman and like shopping, but when was the last time you bought a hazmat suit??? To my point, a day does not go by without one of my LinkedIn connections asking me to buy their stuff without ever knowing who I am, what I am about, or what I need or want.  Those LinkedIn connections want to be turned into leads. After 4 failed haircuts, I said: "Enough is enough!" I warned her, I sho [...]

What Highest Converting Websites Have In Common?

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Angle: If client A pays 19K for a website is it realistic to expect 19,000 times more leads than client B who DIYs it with GoDaddy?  And what makes a website convert leads anyway? I stood there with my mouth open, in complete, utter, "hear the pin drop" silence. I'was fairly certain, "you can read it all on your face, Alex" expression was happening right there and then. However, 19K was a lot of [...]

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