It is not of a great insight to you that there are gazillion tools to be “more efficient” and just as many gurus singing the praises for them. The truth is that you could sell a million dollars worth of your stuff today just by jotting things down on a napkin – though that does require a certain set of skills.

And while that is true, I’m guessing, we’re not there yet. Actually I’m certain we’re not there yet, otherwise we’d be both ditching anything that is even remotely associated with any word resembling “tools”, and working on getting to the bottom of the cold cocktail in our hands someplace very, very, nice on South of France. But for now…

I compiled a list of things you should be using to get your audience on your list and buying – today.

Keep in mind, you don’t need tools that are difficult, complicated, and with too many features.

You need easy and powerful that will do one and one thing only: convert.


FREE Professional graphics and templates for non-techie peeps

I looove Canva! If you’d like to up-x your ebook, social media postings, blog posts or anything else in between – this is it! You can start off with a free account and transform your online presence literally within minutes. Easy to use, professional, beautiful images and fonts you’ll love to use in your marketing pieces.


Low cost and ZERO tech skills needed lead conversion

O.M.G. This is a suuuper easy tools to use that you should NEVER be without. Leadpages helps collect leads, and attract sales. You get easily built websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and more. This is a pillar for your business. So easy to use, it takes minutes not days.

Active Campaign

Affordable and powerful automated email segmentation 

Since your biggest value of your business sits in your list, a tool that lets you harvest the power of it cannot be underestimated. Manage your list like a pro – automatically by using existing customizable recipes. It is one tool you can’t afford to be without.


Lead Magnet and FULL Canva Kit Templates

Even though Canva has its own set of templates for individual pages, BizTemplateBabe offers a full template for these. Trust me, it’s easier than you think to get pulled into a design play aspect of it, so these templates make it easy to resist. Just type your text in, plug in the image and download. Your lead magnet is ready.


30 days step-by-step to getting your buyers to happily buy more of your stuff

A funnel is a digital sales path for your ideal client taking them from non-threatening, low commitment offers to full blown purchases and upsells – in the right order, at the right time. Get a 30 days task list and full guidance to complete and launch your funnel.


Grow your list with a top viral referral system

Sweepstakes, rewards, waiting lists… it’s all in there. Free-flowing traffic, huge conversions and increased sales. I love what UpViral does for your list. It’s simple to use and it’s a true “set and forget” thing. At least for a little while, but I bet you’ll like so much you’ll end up coming with new ideas all the time.