How To Easily Attract Ideal Clients Like Bees On Honey, Spellbound To Pay For Your Service, And Joyful To Pay Your Premium Prices - Faster Than You Thought Possible

(even if you're strapped for time and possess ZERO marketing skills)

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Helping me get out of my ‘clinical brain’ and into a ‘marketing mind’ to help grow my business was very valuable to me.

Dr. Kate Ricciardi DPT, RDN CLT - DigestionbyDesign

Ever found yourself feeling like this?! (ehm-ehm)

"I spent a whole week making changes on the website but still not getting more people to call"

"There are 4 other doctors in my building, and I need to find a way to stand out"

"At 56 I'm burned out with the hustle. I want to add additional income but not have to handle so many clients. "

Go ahead, nod your head if that sounds like you. It does not make you unwise or bad if you have not figured it out yet. These are all well-meaning people who just lack awareness about leveraging their skills. 

And maybe you're one of them.

I remember being one of them.

Let me level with you on this: it’s hard as heck to get noticed today.

There Is No Magic Wand For Instant Avalanche Of Ideal Clients

This blueprint was created out of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The strategies you will get as a part of your blueprint were provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of web design, development, digital strategy, analytics, and more.

A Good Strategy Can Knock Socks Off Your Ideal Client's

My "coaching" folder is full of tips and tricks by some of the biggest names in the marketing industry like Kennedy, Deutsch, Carlton, Brunson, Kern, Walker, Abraham, Patel,..(yeah, that’s a lot of freak'n hours of learning and lots of $$$ spent. You might be able to figure it all out too on your own too. Eventually.

But just because I spent 10s of thousands of dollars, 10+ years reading every book and blog post, listening to numerous podcasts, coaching calls, and chasing every other piece of knowledge I could get my hands on, does not mean you have to as well. 

When I first started I kept doing all the wrong things and mastering all of “what NOT to do's”. Once I got my first client, she made 5K in the first couple of weeks of working with me. That was a big deal for her. And a game-changer for me.

After the first one, it's mostly a rinse and repeat.

Here’s where it gets complex...

Nobody wants to be sold - but they all want to buy 

The secrets to selling anything are actually pretty simple: to build trust, craft an offer they can't resist, justify the cost, and help fulfill a burning desire in your customer. 
Amplifying that burning desire is what separates the great salespeople (who go on to do really well) from the mediocre (who forever struggle).

But here is where it gets even more complicated...

The Advanced, Wickedly-Effective Secrets

Do Not Appear to You Magically

Look around.

You will see that the vast majority of biz owners follow the typical setup: 
Using all the typical phrases…Arranging intricate sales elements (if they have any) in all the typical ways…

Resulting in an epidemic of sameness on the market which chockes up the energy of genuine connection. No wonder so many female small business owners are frustrated and not getting the results they want.

The antidote is never more typical phrases arranged in all the typical ways... 

Most people in business, when put on the spot, can get a potential customer to say:“Oh, yeah, that sounds very interesting…" - but fail to make a sale

This is exactly why I wanted to help…

I sat down with the notes from my conversations with clients and their biggest problems in marketing we had worked on, and I created a fail-proof solution that shows you exactly how to get more clients to say YES!

PLUS I will share with you tons of insider information most small businesses will never discover... 

Primarily how to sell your clients the way THEY WANT to be sold, or how to correctly choose your niche without losing sleep of going too wide or too narrow, and instantly showing off your credibility in a way it gets your audience tripping over to pay you premium prices, or even just a simple two-step recipe to tell people what you do in a way that does not make their eyes glaze over, but instead eagerly follow with: tell me more!

Yeap, there is a map for that and

“Ideal Client Getting Language" Intensive Session

is that map

This is the “insider view” session I wish was around when I was starting out. Learning even one or two of these secrets would have short-cut my own success by… oh… five… maybe ten years. 

I don’t care if you have never done a lick of online marketing or even if you hate it with passion.

It does not matter...

Because this is a way to save time and effort in getting more clients saying YES more often so you can start running your biz instead of the biz running you (even if you know ZERO, zilch, nada about marketing online).

Just imagine, next Sunday am. You, in no hurry to get out of bed and finally having time to spend on YOU (a.k.a bubble bath and mellow browsing of Boston Proper pages)... and able to relax knowing that you have systems in place to:

Generate Sales Like Clockwork

sell and convert your ideal clients 24/7/365 so that your biz won’t skip a bit even if you decide not to get up and go to work that day

Charge The Premium - And Get It

leverage your skills to get your audience seeing you as an expert you really and get paid for your full value - without any objections

Sell without the "ick" factor

reach your ideal clients who need and want what you sell with compelling and effective message(s) without sounding salezy

Reach A Whole New Level

GUARANTY the growth of your business’ most important asset (your list) every single day with simple strategies that withstand the test of time

We got quick results

“We began generating income almost immediately as Alex very quickly turned our ideas into actionable steps.”



Using what you will learn in your "Ideal Client Getting Language" session will give you confidence in creating non-salezy offers they want to say YES! to, credibility they won't be able to ignore, and making you genuinely different from all others - totally worth the no-brainer premium pricing

So, are you in?

If you are serious about learning the secrets of world-class women business owners... so you can shortcut years of trial and error and skip the whole part of not knowing why your sales are inconsistent, happen by pure luck, or worse yet, don't happen at all… then you should have already made up your mind here.

This intense session (completely focused on you and your business) total is $997.

Which immediately becomes a screaming bargain when you implement just ONE of the ideas you get.

How much – for example -- is it worth to you to dramatically increase the number and quality of prospects coming to you or better yet:

  • increase how many YESs to your offers you get
  • implement premium price strategies that will increase your profits
  • enjoy more free time doing stuff other than work without sacrificing your bottom line
  • max out your potential with all the marketing tactics and sales-funnel boosters you aren’t using now (or don’t yet understand how to implement)?



See what others have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"You helped me realize in simple steps what I need to change in order to grow my business"

Kendall Stolz -

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I had my website copy done by this amazing talent. Definitely sticking to this quality work."

Amanda Grace - Happy Cubicle

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Aleksandra has an uncanny neck of seeing a problem and finding a solution for it.

Denise P - Trustmark Bank."

Who needs this kind of super-intense mentoring?

Whether you’ve been in the business for a while and need some help getting more clients to say “YES” or increasing your bottom line and getting paid what you’re really worth, you've come to the right place…

... to take your business to the next level and feel more in control than ever before of your reaching your goals.

However, I am not taking in ladies on any "first come" basis. Nope. I really want this to be as powerful and exciting as possible...

... and so I’m doing some serious qualifying. (More on that later). 

Like I said earlier, I’m only taking carefully chosen clients on this crazy and profit-insightful ride each month. And I want you to have an opportunity to grab one of the slots.

But I can only fit a couple of people into my hectic schedules each month.

So this offer is strictly limited to people who will squeeze every ounce of juice out of this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

If you think a blast of super-intensive eye-openers might offer the kind of "unfair advantages" then I might be able to help you...

  • unstuck profit-blocking points
  • find easier ways to reach and attract your ideal clients
  • ​help you get noticed in crowded market with premium positioning
  • ​become nothing short of obvious choice with irresistible offers
  • and leave competition in a dust

This is what serious players and up-and-comers pray for. Because one piece of advice... or one new tool... or one edgy tactic... can be, in the right hands... worth a lifetime of money-making

So here you are, my dear, at the fork in the road:

Option 1

you roll up your sleeves, cross out the next several months’ weekends and evenings to focus on taking webinars, courses, branding, messaging, copywriting, persuasion, stuff like building funnels with upsells, downsells, all those other tech things go along with it. During lunch breaks, you can do tools and plugins research and in few months you could have your first rough draft ;) 
ok, ok… there is an easier version

Option 2

You can hire a freelancer for web design, another for copy, and another for strategy - that would get things done much faster but will cost you a pretty penny ie $2500-$5000 just for the website, and you would hope they will have the same view on marketing strategies and the process will move smoothly between all of them

Don’t get me wrong, I heart freelancers, that is how I made a lot of my money building all that stuff for the funnel hackers community, but imagine never again having to wait around for anyone, or having to spend another minute on researching or learning marketing and tech stuff that would turn out later was not something you needed to begin with.


You Can...

Grab A Spot Today For Your Ideal Client Getting Language Session

Here is what you get

As soon as your order goes through you will be forwarded to a private questionnaire where you will detail out all your burning questions, pressing issues, and where you want to focus your time on the call. 

In the meantime, I will devote an entire 1 hour of prep time to a 360° deep analysis of your online presence. I’ll get my smarts whirring into action, using the years of experience to create new and exciting answers to your questions.

Then you’ll get on the phone with me for 2 hours of my undivided attention, and whatever problem or situation that’s holding you back will be deconstructed... figured out... solved, and delivered to you in an easily implemented plan (that you can put into action immediately).

I am known for demolishing problems that have held up business owners awake at all hours of the night... and for seeing the pitfalls and wrong turns you haven’t even confronted yet, while clearly mapping out a simple plan to skip the bad stuff and reach your goals lot faster than you imagined.

This session will be power-packed, eye-opening, and results-focused your biz can use today to

  • generate more profits more often (so you can be more than ready to work less hours when you decide to do so)
  • get all the respect you deserve for your unique skills (the time has come to collect on the hard work and effort you invested in getting them to be top-notch)
  • automate your sales without sounding like you're always in their faces feeling mortified that your clients will run away each time you reach out to them

Key advantage: I INSIST on giving you the advice you can use without having to drastically change your current business model, without hiring new staff, and without taking on additional risk.

The primary objective in an Ideal Client Getting Language Intense Session is to give you specific tactics you can USE immediately, with what you’ve already got in place and without any additional risk.


you get these awesome bonuses


One follow-up email (any time in the next month) where you can ask me to clarify, follow up on any of the points covered in the session (Value $147)


The value of feedback is undeniable, which is why you get a follow-up 30 min feedback session within 30 days to review things you have implemented from our session. That way, we can assure you are able to apply the insights learned in the session to your own situation (Value $247)


PLUS, you will also receive your business-specific step-by-step written action plan to help you hit the ground running as soon as we get off the phone (Value $397)

Next step: Just click below to get started now



Still a bit skittish?! FAQ's


This coaching program has been created for serviced based professional women and as such does not help nearly as much in product based businesses. The program was specifically created for people who do not wish to wait 6 weeks or 6 months to get powerful strategies but want the gist of it in couple intensive hours instead, in a form of a 1:1 private session so that we can focus on your business specifically. 


The truth is you can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar, so yes, you won't be able to retain it all just by listening. That's why I incorporated the blueprint you will get, outlining all the strategies we covered for your particular situation, and then we will touch base within next 30 days so I can help you with applying those and clear up any confusion you might have. 


Absolutely. You will get a chance to submit those prior to our session, you will have time during the session, and again during our follow up call. My goal is to help you get "unstuck" and and help you gain full clarity for your next steps.


Oh, yes! Everything else you will learn down the road really are blocks that come on top of this one, so the sooner you get this foundational piece down, the sooner your new pieces will stand firm and you will be able to build your business on solid grounds. 


I don't like to get too mushy and too deep into it, but I am a firm believer that your programming is responsible for where you are today and that for what you want to become - you are not the right person today (SAID WITH LOVE!). If you were the right version of yourself, you would be there today already. so we all have to work on the mindset to get rid of things that are in our way of becoming the one who "deserves" what we want to accomplish. Yes, I have few quick and easy tips and tools that can truly be transformational if you apply them. 


I think we have all been down that road. I struggled for a very long time chasing every new strategy and shiny object I came across and could never make any of them fully work or work at all until I realized that my foundation was weaker than I ever realized. Once I learned to create these foundational blocks it made all the other things I've learned over the years suddenly starting to produce results. The trick is identifying the real blocks and fixing them properly - and those are the exact same things I help my clients do. 

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