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3 Steps To Get More Clients To Buy, Buy More, and Buy More Often

By |Categories: Lead Generation|

Angle: What if you could get more clients by simply having your audience tell you what they need to hear or see to become your clients and buy? It was 8.42 AM. I pulled my hand away from the hot water as I was washing off pastured eggs and bacon breakfast leftovers from my plate. TV noise in the b [...]

The no-fail way to stop being JEALOUS of other women (and their successes)

By |Categories: Mindset|

Angle: Could you stop being jealous of other women's successes - today? The pause has started turning into an uncomfortable silence. I could hear her take a big breath. "I hate to admit, but I'm jealous! Or maybe, it's not so much that I am being jealous of what she has accomplished as much as I a [...]

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