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Angle: How do you know if you picked the right lead magnet?

Anna has been running her CPA practice for 17 yrs but when she sat down to put a lead magnet together, she got stumped.

Choosing the format went easy:

  • printable, not-printable
  • pdf or a video
  • checklist or a guide

However, choosing the correct topic seemed to be looking more like stuffing my size 7 foot into a lovely but real size 6 suede mule in a sexy coral red I was getting ready to cry over when Anna’s text came through.

“I am thinking and can’t get the good idea what can I give to my audience. I mean I am looking for lead magnet ideas for financial advice blog. Is there anything out there that can make it a bit less boring”?

Most businesses, new or established, aren’t clued into this.

Over time and many trials, errors, and tweaks, this is what I figured out worked for me.

When creating a new lead generation source there are 2 things you need to have in mind before you start:

Analyze your Audience Path and Audience Cycle

First, if you look at audience in your industry as a whole, you will agree with me that they are all in different places on their path to finding the solution for their problem.

Second, if you know they are in a different place on that path, then isn’t is easy to conclude that they all may not be needing the exact same answer – today?

Another question that stems from that one is:

Should you be then creating multiple lead magnets?


It really depends on the level you’re at, but for the time being, let’s focus on having 1.

A really good one.

You’re probably already aware, that the better job you do identifying your ideal clients the better “quality” clients you will be able attract.

But if you also know where in the cycle they are, you will be able to figure out what questions are they asking themselves right now.

Your lead magnet needs to answer any one of those burning questions they have so they can move to the next step.

If you can do that, you just got yourself a lead magnet that converts.


Looking for a shortcut to get your killer lead magnet out fast? Use my FREE step-by-step workbook here: Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet In 30 Minutes or Less – even if you have never created one before. Just follow the prompts, fill in the blanks, and voile!

Building A Lab For Your Best Lead Magnet Ideas

1) Get super clear on who your ideal client is

  • understand fully what their current pleasure and pain points are
  • choose type of issues you can successfully resolve for your clients
  • succinctly get that message across in a that speaks to them clearly and in a compelling way

2) Once you know who your ideal client is, it is far easier to find where they gather. What will that be for you largely depends on your clients’ interests, but for my niche, I prefer:

  • FB groups (business entrepreneur, social, specific interest groups)
  • LinkedIn direct outreach

Hang out there, find them, and where appropriate offer solutions through your lead magnets.

3) Engage potential leads in creative ways:

  • offer to solve their problem
  • offer an assessment
  • respond to their questions
  • engage in conversation about something they posted

And then just rinse and repeat while fine tuning the process.

One of the most often barriers to getting new leads online is many times a result of not having a full CLARITY on who your ideal client is and putting it into a message that actually resonates with them.

It is also one of the most often overlooked items in marketing. Usually, too quickly dismissed as “too basic”.

Don’t fall for that one.

I took that one for a team in my early days, but that does not mean you have to 😉

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When I'm not covered in flour baking fresh bread for my fam or enjoying relaxing yoga stretches, I help women who own small businesses uniquely position themselves so they become their client's obvious choice and easily get paid a premium for their services - even if they are strapped for time and have ZERO marketing skills.

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