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Angle: You know full well, nothing will change in your life until you change your own behavior. And just like that, your lead generation will transform when you change the way you approach it.

As Dr. S worked his finger tool thingy on a right side of my neck, I was praying I don’t find myself passing out, though exchanging views on marketing strategies for getting new clients was making me almost oblivious to the pain itself.

I know, I’m so weird like that: I eat, breathe, and sleep marketing… bring up the business topic and I become oblivious to everything, including an excruciating pain.


His pitched voice startled me for a second, and then he continued: “I was not aware just how much ‘understanding their pain’ can have an effect on people saying YES to my offers, but it makes so much sense now.”

I hope you will find it helpful too. Here is the scoop…

How your client’s decision making affects your lead generation

We all make decisions to move in some direction based on either pain or pleasure.

For example, in my business, it could be helping women finding a solution to be more confident about making their offers online.

Or it could be being able to charge the full price for their work and get more clients than ever before, instead of having to cut the prices to get noticed in the sea of competition.

But in either situation, it is a specific pain point that needs to be addressed.

Stop for a moment, and think about it.

  • What is it that you do that helps your clients get from point A (pain) to point (B) pleasure?
  • What pain and pleasure points are they’re obsessing about?
  • How will that help them?

Pain and pleasure are the only two reasons we will do anything – and when your clients are trying to avoid pain or gain pleasure they will start seeking those who can help them get to those goals.

That’s why being precise (like a well-built Swiss watch) about your ideal client’s pain pays BIG – in ALL currencies, not just in (CHF) Swiss Francs.


Getting your audience to hear your message is tough in overcrowded market

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When I'm not covered in flour baking fresh bread for my fam or enjoying relaxing yoga stretches, I help women who own small businesses uniquely position themselves so they become their client's obvious choice and easily get paid a premium for their services - even if they are strapped for time and have ZERO marketing skills.

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