fter passing out in my car that day, the very first thing I saw was my Benz emblem and I wondered if it was all worth it.

Many times I drove entire 55 miles back home from my work, across 5 different highways, with migraine straight from HELL, on nothing but an autopilot.

There were times I did not even know how I got home, but from that moment, I knew “9-5” would never see me again.


This is where I took 180 turn and started my journey into online marketing world. Over the next decade I experienced many uphills and downhills until…

Clarity Changed My Business

It was a strange way in which this clarity revealed itself to me few years later. Not more not less, but during my search for solutions to my eating home baked bread (aka digestion) issues.

As I sat in the my doctors office, one minute we were discussing gluten intolerance and the next launching her first book and creating new streams of income by packaging and selling her knowledge online.

It all was so surreal to me: I’m finally getting to help people in a way I know I can bring them results so significant – it can have a profound change on their businesses and their lives.

After years of falling a asleep on the keyboard during numerous 4+ hour midnight webinars , dozens of courses from all the marketing “gurus” and 100+ clients who benefited from my work in various aspects of marketing, I suddenly found myself in an uncharted territory.

In front of me was a doctor that was interested in me helping her with marketing strategies that had power to change the way she was running her business forever.

I felt like I was finally there…

All the way up to the moment until I checked for the last minute grammar issues on my website (somehow no matter how many times I’ve used Grammarly, those little suckers find a way into my writing). And to my big dismay, I realized, she wasn’t going to find much on there that would speak to her current issue she could point her finger at and say: THIS IS SO ME… I WANT THAT!

Some serious message tweaking was obviously due, immediately.

But messaging was a tip of the iceberg on something much, much deeper.

Marketing Message That Works EVERY TIME

The next few weeks went by easy.

We sold bunch of books, set up products for recurring income, and the money kept coming in.

I helped her leverage her value and:

  • Position herself and her business as a go-to authority in her specific niche
  • Package a program she could have much greater reach and effect with
  • Automate the entire process through my plug-and-play framework
  • Creating a whole new streams of repeat monthly income literally within several days, leaving here more time to tend to her family and herself

Things were good.

Until I needed my messaging to speak to my next client with a different “current situation“.

As I starred at my website pitifully, I could not help but wonder, was I going to be tweaking my stuff daily???? How do I even know what my next client’s situation will need to see to say “YES“???

CLICK. -( this is when it all clicked 😉 )

Right then and there, it became clear I needed to present what I do and what I offer in a language all my ideal clients would be able to relate to, so they could easily recognize what I was offering as “the thing” exactly for them and their current situation.

I Created A Step-by-Step Framework For Getting More “YES’s”, More Often

Conveying a reason for becoming an obvious choice and getting paid a premium price isn’t a brain surgery… but it does require that “a-HA!” moment of clarity most small business owners never have.

That… and some under-radar IDEAL CLIENT GETTING LANGUAGE BLUEPRINT strategies. Take a peek at Get More Clients to find out about the system I outlined in this blueprint… which has already helped many women owned service based businesses mostly in financial, real estate, and medical sector)

So it’s simple… uncomplicated… and completely removes the biggest “sticking points” that stop in tracks so many business owners when it comes to articulating the unique position in the market and conveying the full, true value, both essential to running a profitable business.

The profits will not begin flowing until your sales messages resonates with your audience. It’s the foundation of ANY business.

This is where I come in.

If you’ve ever wondered how lucrative marketing is created, you’re in for an honest discovery that really can change your business and your life overnight.

Many years ago, my forever BFF had given me a small jewelry box containing a very small piece of paper the day before I left my country forever to live in the States. It read:

“It is possible to have everything, you know… truly is possible. Actually, there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you wish so. And never, never create limits for yourself.” – Unknown

I still keep it in my desk drawer and look at it from time to time to help me break the chains of limiting beliefs we tend to pick up somehow along the way and to remember to spread the wings, even more, to fly even higher and take those steps forward we want to take – even when afraid.

Perhaps now it’s time for you to do the same.

If you’re ready to finally leverage your skills FULLY so you can get out of your business more with the same or less effort, you should know you have an ally in it 😉