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Angle: If I had a penny for every time I said “That is not what I had in mind. Had you just asked me first…” – I think I’d be a millionaire! But since most prospects don’t ask before they flee your offer, could avoiding these types of marketing blunders be the answer to more green bags?

To what degree could this sort of assumption also be a culprit for 3 shocking reasons your business is stuck, and what you can do about it becomes super simple to decipher once you know these facts.

We make assumptions because they are an efficient way to process the world. As one Yale neurobiology professor explained, the brain’s vast neural network requires huge amounts of energy to keep it running: … One way our brain saves energy is by making assumptions.

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Sounds familiar?

But unfortunately you can’t run after a prospect and try to explain.

The worst thing is you will never even know what was it that they assumed makes us same as all the other peeps selling the same thing. Or what was it that did not make them grab their mouse and haphazardly started booking an appointment with you.

They actually may not know it themselves.

All they will think is “Eh, nah!”

In that moment, if they did not click with what you said, they will just disappear.

Here are 3 shocking reasons your business might be really stuck

1) You’re doing all the same things your successful competition is doing

If you’re looking at the competitor who is seemingly producing more than you are thinking that if you could just do what they are doing you’d be set, you’ve got another thing coming.

For sure, the easiest thing to do is to model someone who has already done it.

I tried modeling my websites by big gurus’ websites.

No matter how hard I tried to have my version of it, it unmistakably ended up looking like a copy of theirs.

The only way I ever could “model” successes was if I looked at a bunch and then closed them all. I would let it brew in my head for a bit, and then without looking at any others, start from scratch.

But don’t feel bad if you kinda see yourself in there as well. This whole head thing, runs much deeper than you think.

Michael Yarborough in his article on Medium uses yawning as a great example:

So how does science explain mirroring in communication? That’s all because of a neuron; the one responsible for recognizing faces and understanding their expressions… Then he goes on to say: Have you ever experienced a sudden rise in mood when surrounded by funny people? Do pessimistic personalities make you feel down in the dumps? Then, you have well-developed sympathy and your neuron is functioning properly…

Yawning. A perfect example of the action we can’t resist…”

You see, t is not at all unusual that many businesses end up becoming copycats in a sense, failing to make their own impression on the market.

And with one stroke getting new leads becomes so much harder.

2) You have a false sense of security

First off, when you have paid to have a website and SEO done you’ve got the “marketing covered”. NOT!

Having the website online and the SEO are great first steps to getting visitors online.

What happens with the visitors once they get to your website, maybe detrimental.

  • Can you catch and hold their attention past the first 3-8 seconds?
  • Do you clearly communicate to them what makes you different from all the rest of the websites offering the same thing (ATTENTION: “having x years of experience”, “offering comprehensive solutions”, “number one priority is to provide the best products and services to our clients” and similar phrases DO NOT count.
  • Check your competition and see if they use the same phrases on their website. If they are, and you could literally take off your name and replace it with theirs. remove that text immediately!
  • Do you have a good enough reason for someone to reach out to you – do you think that or do they think that?
  • Is your visitor being led automatically and strategically to the next step or are they left to their own devices to browse around…or worse yet, leave?

3) You feel like the only thing you can do is to sit and wait

The only thing worse than not liking what you can do is not having a choice at all.

All too often small business owners feel they’re doing the best they can and that means “all that I can do”.

This not be further from the truth and it makes getting new leads even more difficult from there.

Generating leads online is a strategic and systematic thing so if you know the steps, and you do them right, you will generate leads.

In other words, if you’re not getting all the leads and sales you want, you need to look at the business from a different angle.

Suddenly, you will see there is a whole new world of ways to leverage your skills further.

All it takes is a new way of looking at it.

7 key questions to help you self-diagnose your current business state and help you get your business unstuck:

  1. Can your craft your USP (unique selling proposition) in a strong enough and unique enough way? In a way so that your target audience will see you as their ONLY real option? Is this actually getting you new leads?
  2. Are you equipped to effortlessly communicate with all your potential clients? And have information on what they buy, how they buy, and their likelihood of purchasing from you?
  3. Is it possible you use marketing strategies in more reactionary than strategic way which may be responsible for the lack of leads?
  4. Can you differently approach your prospects and buyers depending on their current issues and interests?
  5. Do you know exactly where most of your business is coming from and how to get more people to say YES, more often?
  6. How many methodical ways of asking and getting referrals do you have in place?
  7. Is there a clear path to keep clients and prospects from going stale?

If you came up with any of the “uhms…maybes, nos, or I don’t knows”, I suggest you keep reading.

What’s next

  1. Broaden your horizons. Look at other anlges to study your business from.
  2. Discover hyper-effective and proven strategies that will give you an edge but your competition is not using,
  3. Leverage unused assets in your business
  4. Download the FREE bonus checklist and make 10 crucial tweaks for getting more YES’s 


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