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Angle: What if you could get more clients by simply having your audience tell you what they need to hear or see to become your clients and buy?

It was 8.42 AM.

I pulled my hand away from the hot water as I was washing off pastured eggs and bacon breakfast leftovers from my plate.

TV noise in the background suddenly caught my attention.

“He skipped the democracy part of shaking hands with people and getting to know their issues. He just jumped in with a bunch of money pushing his agenda.” Elisabeth Warren shouted.

Politics aside, there is a golden marketing nugget in there.

Can you spot it?

(hint: knowing your potential clients’ frustrations is not it)

Mistaking the “WHAT” with “HOW” in getting them to buy more

Interestingly enough, this is what most small business owners unknowingly do every day.

Have you ever caught yourself flashing your credit card all over the web for  “magic” tools, courses, ads, etc… promising to help you better, faster, and easier show (a.k.a “push”) your reasons why your service is better, superior, cheaper, faster or whatever, from all other peeps in the marketplace selling the same service?

I have.

Many mooons, ago, but I have… and so have probably you.

Because most of us do.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is not your fault!

It’s happening every day.

Heck, most of your competitors are doing it.

But just because they know what their clients want to buy, does not mean they understand HOW those clients want to buy.

So let’s start here:

The ‘selling instructions’ are literally buried in the feedback you get from your audience.

If you know where to look, you will find them telling you exactly how they want to be sold.

3 Steps to get more clients by deciphering hidden “selling instructions”

Have you noticed that many business owners feel like they know the business and their audience so well they don’t need to be doing any more research about it?

Likewise, often they completely fail to register that market fluctuates, changes, and has a life, and language of its own.

And it is and it does.

Therefore, not plugging into the marketplace and not getting intimately familiar with current fears, thoughts, concerns, dreams, and goals of your audience will force all your messages, ads, and campaigns to have a significant negative impact on your sales results.

They will literally turn into just more noise market already has too much of.

If you’re finding yourself getting frustrated with:

  • getting lumped by your audience into the same group with all the rest of the people selling the same stuff you are selling
  • constantly fighting for your audience attention to show and explain how you and your service are different
  • finding the right way to tell your story in a different way: in a way that will compel your audience to buy

here is what needs to change…


Getting your audience to hear your message is tough in overcrowded market

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If you know what to look for, your audience will tell you exactly what they want to buy and how they want you to sell it to them.

It’s time to pay attention.

You have to start listening to your market before marketing will be willing to listen to you.

There are 3 steps to keep in mind while doing this, a formula to be exact:

1) Ask those that would ordinarily pay for your service

For example: ask your past clients, current clients, and/or reach out to the ideal clients you’d like to have. Ask them things like:

  • why did you buy
  • would you buy again, why or why not
  • what would you need to see or hear to buy, buy again, or buy more

Skip your friends and family, they may not be the best source of information.

2) Give something in return – don’t just take, take, take

Dr. Robert Cialdini studied in depth how reciprocity effects marketing outcomes.

Whether you look at the example where a waiter gets a bigger tip when he brings more mints after the meal, or a researcher giving a test subject a Coke for .50 cents but asks for $5 favor back or any other of many examples done. There is always a value return for a value given. The receiving party can’t help but feel like they “owe”something to a person that gave them something of value.

A very powerful strategy smart marketers use every day.

Your turn:

Create surveys or ask in person these questions, but always make sure you offer some good, quality freebies with it. Maybe some hot tips, an assessment, a coaching session, a small service. Offer something as a thank you, and also for them to see and get a feel for how (else) you can help them.

3) Prepare

Create questions in advance so you’re comfortable with what you need to ask next. Make sure you take good notes and get clear on answers you’re getting. Do not assume you know what they meant – ask and clarify.

And get things written down in their words, then use what you learned to craft your offers paying special attention to details in your research.

It’s that simple.

You and I both know you have great skills that can create impact for your clients.

Just imagine if you could say it in a slightly different way.

Imagine if you could say it in a way no one else does.

In a way, they would get it.

… and want it.

Go and implement this 3 step formula and see your sales grow.

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When I'm not covered in flour baking fresh bread for my fam or enjoying relaxing yoga stretches, I help women who own small businesses uniquely position themselves so they become their client's obvious choice and easily get paid a premium for their services - even if they are strapped for time and have ZERO marketing skills.

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