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Angle: If client A pays 19K for a website is it realistic to expect 19,000 times more leads than client B who DIYs it with GoDaddy?  And what makes a website convert leads anyway?

I stood there with my mouth open, in complete, utter, “hear the pin drop” silence.

I’was fairly certain, “you can read it all on your face, Alex” expression was happening right there and then.

However, 19K was a lot of money for website that totally sucked in converting leads – no matter what your face looked like.

Real life high conversion website dilemmas

There has been an ongoing battle of the “facts” on how many seconds do you actually have to catch your visitors attention once they land on your website.

From 5 seconds to 15 seconds and everything in between.

Off course, the devil is in the details.

First off, things like are you B2B or B2C, what you’re actually selling etc. make a difference.

What we also know is that there are certain elements that turn websites into conversion machines.

Those elements are so powerful that they can make an ugly looking message on the napkin convert better than some super fancy website.

The one thing all high conversion websites have

  • it’s not about how much you will spend on it (though valuable is rarely cheap unless a great deal offered)
  • nope, you don’t have to have a big marketing agency create it (even if they can probably create fancier stuff)
  • no special requirement for a web developer (who has various certs and galaxy size coding skills)

What makes the website a great lead conversion machine is the ability to communicate with your prospects in a manner your prospect can relate to on a very personal level.

Otherwise, you will you have a bunch of peeps simply go “nah, not really” and leave.

When a website does not speak your clients language,

They will not necessarily know why they feel that way, but they will know it did not feel “right”.

It’s a great way to lose a lot of customers AND repel any decent leads (a.k.a. income). The only thing able to prevent that is  if you know exactly what your prospects are bleeding, wanting, and willing to take action on.

If you take a look at a lot of your competitor websites, you’ll notice the generic way in which they approach the sales and presentation process.

The key to a good website is not in all the flashing stuff or the newest plugin… it’s having paramount direct response marketing principles built-in in ways proven to create results.


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Emails, flyers, database marketing, promotional letters, online advertisements, newspapers, phone messaging, text messaging, magazine ads, coupons, postcards, and websites are some examples of direct marketing strategies.

3 elements to optimize today for high website conversion

  1. is there an obvious value I will get if I work with you vs. someone else – in other words, what is your value proposition
  2. does it speak clearly to your audience so they can relate ad/or recognize their fear, hopes, and dreams in your message
  3. is the offer compelling to your specific audience

The Sims 3 increased their registrations by whooping 128% following these principles.

Check out the before and after images of their pages.

The pages belong to a gaming site, but the fundamental principals are the same across different industries.


and after:

The first image shows many options for you to take as a visitor.

You might choose one, two, or leave.

The second is a great example of having a clear message with a call to action.

There is not much to think about what they offer, or what you should be doing next.

And that makes a big difference in converting traffic.

There you have it.

What creates fuss and confusion.

What you should toss out.

And what you should definitely have on your website.

The key to remember is this: there are many different marketing strategies and techniques that work.

But they all do not work together in one big bunch, and they for sure do not work in just about any order.

Make sure the strategies you are choosing are a good fit for your business and your personality so you can see your conversions skyrocket and bring more… well, actually way more, of your ideal clients.

Good conversions.

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