Content Is The Key, Selling Is Optional

Angle: Can You Really Sell Without Selling?

Everything will start changing when you put out 100+ pieces of relevant solution-oriented content in YOUR voice in front of your audience.

Many people tend to get too analytical when it comes to choosing the type of content they want to put out: how much to actually share, or what platform to use.

These things are incredibly powerful in overwhelming people.

While others stay frozen by them you should move.

I know that because I have so many people coming to me terrified that they will “uncover” all the knowledge they possess and then they will not have anything else worthwhile to give in their paid content.

“Oh, no, I can’t say that!”

I understand that, and I’ve been there myself.

But I also learned with time that when you worry about those things, you’re under pressure and your content quality suffers.

I did not want that.

You should not either.

1) Instead, write like you talk and write 10 times more than you’re writing now

That is how your writing gets better.

And if you get those right, then the details, the minutiae, the frighting decisions of which social media platform to use, and how much to share, will work themselves out.

The content will do all the pre-selling for you, many times will do the actual selling for you too.

The whole “know, like, & trust” thing? Taken care of!

All you need to do during the sales conversations is to lean back – not in and help.

2) Stay consistent

If you’re finding yourself drowning in piles of your content but feel skinny with leads and sales start looking for where the breakdown is, what needs to be your immediate focus, and what would be your specific plan of action to get your content to start bringing more leads.

So the question starring at your face is: If that is what it takes, 100+ pieces of content, how long do you want to take to create those?

A year.

3 months.

30 days?

It does not matter.

Choose the pace you can handle and go start writing as your business depends on it because it does 😉

Few metrics you need to be aware of

3) Stay relevant

Stick to talking (writing, posting, podcasting) about topics that your ideal clients are obsessed with.

Things that keep them up all night, or stuck at the red light while you’re honking the horn behind them.

And them something magic will start happening.

Even bigger things will start falling in place.

Things like profitable sales conversations.

Great content not only paints the picture for your ideal clients of what you can do for them but also what type of person you are.

Do they see you as an authority and an expert, and are you a type of a person they’d like to work with?

If you’re tired of explaining and defending your prices and services, and you’d to reach more qualified, ready-to-buy clients as you’d check out my “Ideal Client Getting Blueprint” session where we work together to create a list of things you can improve or tweak to get your client pathway built and automated so you will see more of your audience:

  • buy from you
  • keep coming back and buy more often
  • buy at higher prices
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Action Steps:

  1. Map out the content to write for the next 30, 60, or 90 days
  2. Schedule regular, uninterrupted time to write
  3. Be yourself and share your content on any platform YOU prefer. Your ideal clients will be wherever you want them to be. They will find you on any platform if you just allow them to notice you

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.

– Source: eMarketer