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When I'm not covered in flour baking fresh bread for my fam or enjoying relaxing yoga stretches, I help women who own small businesses uniquely position themselves so they become their client's obvious choice and easily get paid a premium for their services - even if they are strapped for time and have ZERO marketing skills.

What Highest Converting Websites Have In Common?

2021-10-08T19:35:53+00:00By |Categories: Lead Generation|

Angle: If client A pays 19K for a website is it realistic to expect 19,000 times more leads than client B who DIYs it with GoDaddy?  And what makes a website convert leads anyway? I stood there with my mouth open, in complete, utter, "hear the pin drop" silence. I'was fairly certain, "you can read it all on your face, Alex" expression was happening right there and then. However, 19K was a lot of [...]

How to grow your business in difficult times. Meet 3 very creative women.

2021-07-16T20:45:14+00:00By |Categories: Inspiration|

Angle: David Scholes published an article in his Entrepreneur’s Handbook publication that took his readers by the storm. As I starred at his famous article, I couldn’t help but wonder: is the success of a big entrepreneur greater than the success of a little entrepreneur? He wrote the piece well. It was short. Elegant. To the point. Part of the success is a result of David being a great writer. [...]

10 Cardinal Sins Of LinkedIn Marketing. And how to avoid them.

2021-07-17T21:11:50+00:00By |Categories: Lead Generation, Social Media|

Angle: Could we be so blinded by our own actions to not see that we're offering the same thing we tend to turn down ourselves? Have you ever during your LinkedIn marketing efforts posted content only to visit a few days later and still only hear crickets? Are you tired of sending messages to people who either ignore you or only want to sell you their stuff in return? "Is it time to ditch the pla [...]

Why Being Precise About Your Ideal Client’s Pain Pays BIG

2021-08-26T15:22:21+00:00By |Categories: Lead Generation|

Angle: You know full well, nothing will change in your life until you change your own behavior. And just like that, your lead generation will transform when you change the way you approach it. As Dr. S worked his finger tool thingy on a right side of my neck, I was praying I don’t find myself passing out, though exchanging views on marketing strategies for getting new clients was making me almos [...]

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